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Suma Peesapati

Suma Peesapati

Ms. Peesapati has worked on dozens of environmental cases since 1999 with particular focus on the California Environmental Quality Act and the Clean Air Act. Ms. Peesapati began her legal career as a staff attorney with Communities for a Better Environment. She then moved to private practice as an associate attorney at Adams Broadwell Joseph and Cardozo and as a solo practitioner before becoming a staff attorney at Earthjustice. Having completed two and a half subsequent years as a clinical instructor at UC Irvine School of Law’s Environmental Law Clinic, Ms. Peesapati spent some time in solo practice in San Diego before becoming a Deputy Attorney General for the California Attorney General’s new Bureau of Environmental Justice. Over the course of her career, Ms. Peesapati has represented mainstream environmental groups and environmental justice organizations interested in improving the health and quality of life of communities in and around major industrial sources of pollution, such as oil refineries and power plants.

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Guest Appearances
October 16, 2018

CLA Annual Meeting 2018: Environmental Law Section

Suma Peesapati, Jennifer Novak, and Jon Rohrer talk about the CLA’s Environmental Law Section and enforcement issues that non-environmental lawyers should pay attention to.