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Stephanie Riel

Stephanie Riel

Stephanie Riel is a brand strategist and marketing consultant and the founder of RielDeal® Brands. Stephanie started her first business at the age of 22 – before she had even graduated college. Since starting that first business, she has spent more than a decade supporting everyone from small business to Fortune 10 companies in the e-commerce, health and wellness, technology, real estate, fitness, beauty, and retail industries build and grow their businesses by crafting marketing strategy that drives visibility, generates leads and nurtures those leads to convert. 

In her personal time she enjoys taking vacations to the beach, focusing on personal development and wellness, and soaking up every special moment with her dog Teddy the Schnoodle.

Guest Appearances
June 12, 2023

How to leverage the science of branding with Stephanie Riel

In this episode, Stephanie Riel joins me to discuss the science of branding and its impact on your firm. We talk about what branding means, the opportunities you have as a lawyer...