Stanley Tate

Stanley Tate

Stanley Tate is a techie, tinkerer, feminist, humorist, and lawyer whose working to produce the best student loan content on the internet. He runs a site,, that helps over 1 million visitors a year find solutions to solve their student loan problems. And he does this as a team of one.

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Guest Appearances
May 12, 2022

#383: Designing the Life You Want Instead of a Job You Have, with Stanley Tate

In this episode, Stephanie talks with the Student Loan Lawyer, Stanley Tate, about leveraging tech instead of staff and having a fixed mindset vs a growth mindset.

October 5, 2021

Norm Macdonald; Niche Legal Practice; and “Chicago vs. Kansas City”

Jared pays his respects to the Norm Macdonald; Stanley Tate schools us on the perks of niche law; and, together, they talk through the best things Chicago and Kansas City have to...