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Spicekit is a decentralized platform that enables collective legal action by deploying secure smart-contract bounties and streamlining collection of evidence. The platform allows users to support class action lawsuits and investigations. We’re starting with fraudulent ICOs, but as we grow we’ll take on cases ranging from unfair business practices to product safety.

The company was created as a part of the Global Legal Hackathon, won the San Francisco chapter, and went on to the finals in New York.

Team members:

Mohamed Shakir is the Technical Engagement Manager and the Head of Keystone Labs in San Francisco. You can find him on LinkedIn

Anand Natu is the Senior Associate at Keystone Labs in New York. You can find him on LinkedIn


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April 24, 2018

The Global Legal Hackathon Finalists: Spicekit

Spicekit is a platform which allows collective legal action through the vehicle of class actions.