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Spencer Keys

Spencer Keys

Spencer Keys owns Charthouse Lawyers, a 2-lawyer, 6-person business and estate planning firm based in a picturesque village on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. A lobbyist and non-profit executive in his former life, he went to law school at 30 and on the day he was called to the bar he bought a law firm that was slightly older than himself. For Spencer it is an article of faith that legal services can have greater value, be delivered more reliably, and be more profitable, and that this can happen while making legal practice less alienating to the people inside the business and more intellectually engaging to all lawyers. To that end, he loves the business of law and considers his firm a living laboratory for finding ways to increase access to justice through entrepreneurship – which is a fancy way of saying he tries and fails at a lot of things.

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July 22, 2021

#338: Reframing Your Client Experience, with Spencer Keys

Labster Spencer Keys shares with us what he has done to make sure his firm stays client centered.