Sonya Sigler

Sonya Sigler

Sonya Sigler is an executive leadership coach, business strategy consultant, legal and operations executive, and a prolific speaker and writer as well as an attorney.

Sigler is in the confidence-building business who helps women break through the glass ceiling. She works with highly motivated professional women (and enlightened, progressive men) who feel stuck, uncertain, or frustrated in their career. She empowers them to find a job they love that aligns with their work/life vision. Her extensive experience as an operations and legal executive ranges from start-ups to new business ventures inside public companies.

Sigler is an active writer, speaker, and trainer. Her most popular presentations explore personal branding, mentoring, work/life vision, networking, fair compensation, career management. 

Her legal career spans 25 years. She has been a vice president of product strategy and consulting at Discovia, she founded of Cataphora, and was in-house counsel at Intuit as well as a business development/legal consultant to several companies, including Sony, IDO Systems, RealCommunities, and Treasure Media. She started her legal career as an attorney at the gaming platform SEGA.

In her spare time, Sigler enjoys travel, auto-crossing Porsches, playing trombone and other brass instruments, performing in community theater, and knitting, quilting, scrapbooking, and making costumes and hats.

She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of California Berkeley and her JD from Santa Clara University. She lives with her family in the Portland, Oregon area.

Full bio is available online.

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November 30, 2023

Career Pressures, The Holidays, And Taking Care Of Yourself

It’s great to pursue success. But at what cost? Guest Sonya Sigler helps legal professionals prioritize their lives and build their brand while taking care of themselves.