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Sondra Tennessee

Sondra Tennessee

Sondra R. Tennessee graduated from Vanderbilt University with a bachelors in Philosophy and from Washington University in St. Louis with a law degree. As the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Sondra oversees admissions, career development, registration, scholarships and financial aid, bar preparation, student counseling and advising, study abroad programs, and graduate programs at the University of Houston Law Center. In addition, she works strategically with a broad group of offices on the University of Houston campus. Prior to assuming her current position, Sondra served as the Assistant Dean for Admissions at the University of Houston Law Center.  Before joining the University of Houston Law Center, Sondra also worked at the University of Oklahoma College of Law and Washington University School of Law.

Guest Appearances
August 27, 2018

Halting the Hover: Dealing with helicopter parents in law school

Sondra Tennessee shares her advice on how students, parents and school administrators can foster students’ independence and success.