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Shellie Reid

Shellie Reid

Shellie Reid is the Manager of the Legal Services National Technology Assistance Project (LSNTAP). During law school, Shellie sought opportunities to gain experience beyond the normal law school path. As an ATJ Tech Fellow, Shellie learned of the many career options available to students who love legal and embrace technology. As a founding member of the Delta Model Lawyer research group, Shellie helped formulate and test a competency model for lawyers. Shellie gained experience working as a law clerk for a legal aid organization, a coordinator for a national non-profit, and as a student in the Center for Law, Technology & Innovation. Before law school, Shellie was a recognized subject matter expert for software used by local governments across the country. Shellie’s writing has been featured in Legal Business World, ABA’s Law Practice Today, and on the blog Frontier of the Law. Shellie is a strong believer in the benefits of building a personal brand and network through social media.  Her personal story was so profoundly impacted by the opportunities she found through social media that she funds a social media challenge at Michigan State University College of Law each year.

Guest Appearances
December 12, 2023

Building Guidance for Legal Uses of Generative AI 

Experts discuss building tools, running experiments and sharing information to help legal professionals better understand uses for generative artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal field on this episode of Talk Justice. Host...