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Shawn Holahan

Shawn Holahan

Shawn Holahan is Practice Management Counsel and Loss Prevention Counsel for the Louisiana State Bar Association. She lives in the tropical crosshairs of New Orleans and knows a thing or two about how disasters affect the practice of law and how simple disaster planning increases the chances of business survival. Prior to Shawn’s position with the bar, she litigated employment discrimination matters. While with her firm, Hurricane Katrina destroyed the city and her home, which necessitated moving her firm and family to another part of the state for several months before New Orleans could once again support its residents.

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October 27, 2022

Disaster Planning: It’s Not Just for Hurricanes

Shawn Holahan knows how disasters can affect your practice first hand. Experiencing the effects of Hurricane Katrina, she learned that when a disaster happens, confusion reigns, but having a disaster plan in...