Sharai Robbin

Sharai Robbin

Sharai Robbin is a Simon & Schuster best-selling author, speaker,
celebrity ghostwriter and professional editor. She’s also the CEO of
Good Ground Literary Services and Boss BAE to a dedicated team of
Literary BAEs (Bad A** Editors).

Sharai fell in love with words when she was eight years old and has
maintained her life-long passion for writing by supporting and serving
others along their literary journeys. Sharai turned her love for
language into a multiple six-figure author coaching and publishing
business and travels across the country speaking and teaching others
how to use their stories to fuel their dreams. Her clients have
achieved best seller status, won international book awards, launched
successful speaking careers, and started their own 6-figure

With proven book writing strategies and intimate hands on support,
Sharai and her team of Literary BAEs help aspiring authors and
influencers find their authentic voice, discover the greatness in
their stories and teach them how to write with confidence so they can
publish books that grow their influence, impact and income.

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March 7, 2024

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