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Sean McDonald

Sean McDonald

Sean McDonald builds governance for technology and technology for governance. Sean is the co-founder of Digital Public, where he focuses on data governance design. He is a lawyer and the CEO of FrontlineSMS, an award-winning public interest technology company. Sean is a Senior Fellow at the Center for International Governance Innovation and the organizer of the Data Governance Design Conference.

Sean is also a researcher and writer whose work has been published by the Review of the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Brookings Institution, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Foreign Policy, VoxPopLii, The New Humanitarian, the Center for Internet & Society, among others. Sean is an advisor to a number of civil society organizations, as well as data governance research projects at Tilburg University and the University of Oslo. Sean was formerly a Visiting Fellow at Stanford’s Digital Civil Society Lab, a Hivos Digital and Creative Futures Fellow, a Research Fellow at Duke’s Center for Law and Technology, an Affiliate at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center. He holds a JD/MA from American University, with specializations in international law and alternative dispute resolution.

Guest Appearances
November 23, 2021

The Digital Divide and Legal Aid Access

The impact of the digital divide on access to justice. Why some will suffer a lot more.