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Sean Flammer

Sean Flammer

Sean Flammer specializes in Title IX, student affairs disputes, employment issues, constitutional litigation, and general litigation. Flammer graduated with high honors and with the Order of the Coif distinction from the University of Texas at Austin School of Law in 2007. After clerking for a federal appellate judge, he joined a large litigation firm in Austin. Flammer practiced trial and appellate litigation before joining the Office of the Texas Attorney General, where he spent over five years representing universities and other state agencies in complex litigation. Flammer had a heavy docket of litigating and advising clients on Title IX due process matters.

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March 6, 2023

Current Law for Cross-Examination in Student Sexual Misconduct Hearings

How do institutions of higher education handle allegations of student-on-student sexual misconduct? Sean Flammer joins Rocky Dhir to talk through this legal process as outlined in his article in the March edition...