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Scott Sanderson

Scott Sanderson

Scott Sanderson has over a decade of experience at a large IP specialty law firm in Chicago including years at a patent litigator before shifting focus to patent prosecution. Favorite technical areas in which Scott has advised and obtained patent rights for clients in the past include hard drives, breed-and-burn nuclear reactors, national supply chains, e-commerce retailing, and internet service providers. He is currently the founder of Sanderson IP Law, a firm that devotes substantial time to studying decentralized consensus in areas of interest including decentralized corporations and decentralized jurisdictions, crypto economics, wet and dry smart contracts, and decentralized funding mechanisms.

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Guest Appearances
March 5, 2018

Denver’s Global Legal Hackathon Judges Panel

The judges panel of the Denver Global Legal Hackathon, John Tredennick, Scott Sanderson, Laurie Kuhn, Randy Robinson, and Chad Perlov, talk about their favorite proposed legal solutions.