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Sarah Soucie Eyberg

Sarah Soucie Eyberg

Sarah Soucie Eyberg is the principal attorney of Soucie Eyberg Law, LLC, a client-centered and future-oriented law firm focused on helping people suffering from disability get benefits to which they are entitled. Soucie Eyberg is not only service-minded when it comes to her clients, but also to her profession. She is an active member of many legal professional organizations and serves in several leadership roles.

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May 30, 2024

#507: Navigating Motherhood and Law, with Sarah Soucie Eyberg

Lawyers are pretty good at keeping our guards up—especially when it comes to the hard, messy, personal stuff. So, what happens when we let those guards down and share those stories with...

July 14, 2022

#396: How My Life (and Law Practice) Changed When I Became a Sober Lawyer, with Sarah Soucie Eyberg

In this episode, Sara talks with social security disability attorney, Sarah Soucie Eyberg, about her sobriety journey while practicing law and what being a sober lawyer means for her.