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Rodney Dowell

Rodney Dowell

Rodney Dowell is the Executive Director of Lawyers Concerned Lawyers, Inc. (LCL) and Director of LCL’s Law Office Management Assistance Program (LOMAP). LCL is a lawyer’s assistance program assisting attorneys with addiction and mental health issues, and its LOMAP program assists Massachusetts attorneys in their practice and personal lives. He is a frequent lecturer, locally and nationally, on law practice management issues Since graduating from Cornell Law School in 1989, he has been a civil litigator in both Massachusetts and Colorado.

Guest Appearances
November 11, 2014

ABA Law Practice Division: Rodney Dowell and Josh Poje on the Legal Technology Resource Center

New Solo host Adriana Linares interviews Rodney Dowell and Josh Poje at the 2014 American Bar Association Law Practice Division Fall Meeting. Poje, Director of the Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC), discusses...