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Robin Carberry

Robin Carberry

Robin Carberry is a professional development coach with deep expertise in supporting her clients with goal setting, effective communication, boosting productivity, job fulfillment, and expressing their full potential. Her biggest discovery through her years of coaching and working with hundreds of entrepreneurs is that all the strategies in the world don’t help if you don’t know what truly sparks you and if your mindset is in the way of your success. Robin helps her clients get clear when nothing’s really wrong – but something – or everything – feels off, and they aren’t sure why. 

Robin holds a BS in business management and marketing from Cornell University and is a certified Sparketype Advisor. 

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January 11, 2024

#485: Unleash Your Law Firm’s Potential with an Internal Coach, with Robin Carberry

Imagine what your firm would look like if EVERY team member had a professional development coach. Sound crazy? It’s not!   Today, Stephanie talks with Professional Development Coach Robin Carberry about why and...