Robert Ingalls

Robert Ingalls

Robert Ingalls is a recovering attorney, professional speaker, and the founder of LawPods, one of the first podcast production agencies for law firms. At LawPods, Robert and his team help some of the premier law firms in the world launch and grow branded podcasts that build relationships and drive revenue.

Robert’s path from trial lawyer to Podcast Producer was anything but direct. For years he battled anxiety from the pressure, long hours, and constant conflict of a litigation career. When he was finally ready to throw in the towel, he had no idea what to do next. With no business/marketing background and only a love for podcasts he discovered making one for his firm; Robert decided to see if lawyers would pay him to help them launch podcasts. Within four years, LawPods was producing podcasts for the biggest brands in law.

As a speaker, Robert frequently speaks on Podcast Content Marketing, Prioritizing Mental Health, Entrepreneurship, and Law Office Technology. In his spare time, he enjoys teaching podcasting at community events, spending time with his wife and daughters, and most any board-riding sport.

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June 14, 2022

#390: Marketing Through Podcasts, with LawPods (Sponsored)

Are you a lawyer who has thought about starting a podcast? Are you lost on where to begin? In this episode, Zack and Robert Ingalls of LawPod talk about how recording a...