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Revealu, a program created as a part of the Global Legal Hackathon 2018, makes it simple to request GDPR data from providers like Google and Facebook. The finalists from Hungary made it to the #GLH2018 Gala and were among the winners of the entire competition.

Team members:
Gergely Bihary is the full-stack developer at Revealu. You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn
Daniel Bihary is the Legal Expert for Revealu. You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Kristog Nagy is the UI/US Design for Revealu
Peter Lakatos is a Developer at Revealu
Balint Danoczy is in charge of business management at Revealu. You can find him on LinkedIn
Marton Elodi is the Data Scientist at Revealu. You can find him on LinkedIn

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April 23, 2018

The Global Legal Hackathon Finalists: Revealu

Revealu is a team that created a product which requests data footprint information from companies like Facebook.