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Rebecca Ritchey

Rebecca Ritchey

After a short career in finance and sales in Pennsylvania, Rebecca moved across the Country to sunny San Diego, California to go to law school. Having a background in sales and business, instead of law, there were many challenges in opening her first practice with her partner, especially adapting to the billable hour. How is a person to make money when the currency is time? After separating and starting over on her own, she sought to answer this question. Then entered her legal engineer, Sara Kelley. Together they created a client experience that gave predictability in costs and profitability for the firm. The flat fee services model was developed and implemented at Sibus Law Group, APC. This allowed everyone in the firm to focus on his/her area of expertise while providing a wide range of legal services to clients in need. For Rebecca, access to justice means no one should enter a courtroom or sign a legal document without the advice of an attorney.

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March 23, 2023

#436: Flat Fees and Flexible Firms, with Rebecca Ritchey

Labster Rebecca Ritchey from Sibus Law Group joins Sara to talk about how she has built a healthy business strategy in her firm—including a flat fee model, a flexible workplace, and opportunities...