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Ransom Wydner

Ransom Wydner

Ransom Wydner (he/him) is the vice president of pro bono and social impact work for SixFifty, the technology subsidiary of Wilson Sonsini. He joined SixFifty in early 2020, and found joy and purpose in helping promote SixFifty’s free tools to support people who can’t afford legal help. Ransom formally took over as Vice President of Pro Bono in December of 2021. 

SixFifty’s mission is to make the law more accessible. SixFifty devotes part of its time and resources to creating free legal tools for those who can’t afford attorneys. The company believes that people should feel empowered by the law, not intimidated, and is committed to building free tools that increase access to justice for everyone. 

Ransom is the lead singer in King Niko, a dance-rock band based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He once filled in with Panic! At the Disco when King Niko was performing alongside them at a show. 

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