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Randa Prendergast

Randa Prendergast

Randa Prendergast is the Attorney Whisperer at Mrs. June Legal, LLC. She has over 15 years of experience assisting law firms in managing their law offices. Randa helps.  attorneys free up their time by focusing on inefficiencies in their workflows, policies and procedures, time management, and matters while offering paralegal support to keep legal work moving forward.

Guest Appearances
May 11, 2023

Perfect Albums, Vol. 4; The Attorney Whisperer—Randa Prendergast; and “Beantown Beanfest”

Randa Prendergast takes a “June Cleaver” approach to running a law firm, making every little thing run smoothly without breaking a sweat. Jared and Randa talk through how to identify your workflow...