PJ Dunn

PJ Dunn

PJ Dunn, C.C.P., is described as a “critical thinker with a heart for human flourishing.” For the past fourteen years, PJ has inspired executives and transitioning professionals on how to polish their natural strengths while managing limitations. As a Strengths Champion certified coach and certified coach practitioner through the Certified Coaching Federation, PJ has over 5,700 plus coaching hours and has delivered over 750 presentations to date and he continues to be an advocate for those who advocate. PJ coaches in-house counsel and lawyers, from the associate to partner level, solo law firms to mid-size firms, C-level executive boards, sales teams, business owners, and financial services industry executives who need traction when processing specific goals.

PJ is one of only a handful of non-lawyers chosen to advise the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers (DAYL) board of directors (2005). The DAYL has for the last seventeen years invited PJ to present at the DAYL’s annual leadership retreat. Numerous professional organizations and associations, with SMU Dedman School of Law leading the way, bring PJ in to present on ethics, professionalism, business development, networking, Implicit Bias, DE & I, strengths-based leadership, conflict resolution, productivity, mindfulness, Impostor Syndrome and self-care.

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June 20, 2023

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