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Peter Buck

Peter Buck

I create solutions at the intersection of business and technology. I rely on Goal-Directed and Design Thinking techniques to deeply understand customer content, security or data analytics challenges, then imagine new outcomes. My career is focused on helping legal teams improve productivity. I frequently speak about surfacing knowledge, optimizing search, and machine learning.

Specialties: document management architecture, information architecture design, goal directed design techniques, software development, knowledge management, enterprise search, email management, and machine learning.

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Guest Appearances
September 17, 2018

GLBC Annual Meeting 2018: NetDocuments and Blockchain

Brad Clements and Peter Buck talk about NetDocuments and how it uses blockchain technology.

August 29, 2018

GLBC Annual Meeting 2018: Developing A Blockchain App

Trent Carlyle, Brad Clements, Peter Buck , and David Berger talk about their experiences building effective blockchain apps.