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Peter Aprile

Peter Aprile

Peter Aprile is a senior lawyer specializing in tax dispute resolution and litigation. His vision as Counter’s founder and his everyday role at the firm are one and the same: to be an agent of change, uncovering opportunities and developing strategies that achieve more than anyone expected. Early in his career he joined the firm of Richard Fitzsimmons, one of Canada’s top tax litigators, whose mentorship helped clarify the practices and principles that ultimately led – after Richard’s sudden passing – to the founding of Counter Tax Lawyers. Throughout his career Peter has focused on representing individuals and entrepreneurs in tax disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). He has obtained favorable results for clients with a wide range of issues and at all stages of tax controversy, litigation, voluntary disclosure and taxpayer relief. He frequently appears in the Tax Court of Canada, the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal. Also, Peter’s writing has been published in various tax, legal and business publications including CCH Tax Topics, Canadian Tax Foundation’s Tax for the Owner-Manager and Focus, The Lawyers’ Weekly and Law Times.

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Guest Appearances
January 3, 2018

#153: Building a Future-Centric Law Firm, with Peter Aprile & Natalie Worsfold

Peter Aprile and Natalie Worsfold talk with Sam about the way they think differently about building Counter Tax Lawyers, a law firm that develops innovative strategies for resolving tax disputes.

September 27, 2017

Clio Cloud 2017: Building a Complete Law Firm

Peter Aprile and Natalie Worsfold talk about their presentation and the three things lawyers should be doing or thinking about along with tech adoption.