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Peggy Cadwell

Peggy Cadwell

Peggy Cadwell is the Statewide ADA Title II Coordinator under the Legal Division  for the New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts, where she is responsible for the development, implementation and enforcement of the ADA Title II program in the New Mexico Courts. She oversees the implementation of Title II standards, the strict review of policies and procedures, best practices, and guidelines in all New Mexico state courts. Ms. Cadwell became a Court Certified Spanish Interpreter for the State of New Mexico in 1999, and was an instrumental member of the team that helped New Mexico rank # 1 in the ATJ Index for Language Access. A member of the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters, Ms. Cadwell specializes in legal interpreting and holds certifications in medical, technical, and financial interpreting. Ms. Cadwell joined the faculty of The National Judicial College in 2014, and is a national presenter on topics related to court interpreting, the ADA and the provision of accommodations in the legal setting.

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