Paul Unger

Paul Unger

Paul J. Unger is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and thought leader in the legal technology industry.  He is one of the founding partners of Affinity Consulting and the author of dozens of legal technology manuals and publications, including recent published books, Tame the Digital Chaos – A Lawyer’s Guide to Distraction, Time, Task & Email Management, and PowerPoint for Lawyers.  He has served as Chair of the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center and Chair of ABA TECHSHOW.  In his spare time, he likes to run, write, and restore historic homes.

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March 14, 2024

#494: How to Stop Procrastination and Conquer Your To-Do List, with Paul Unger

What are you putting off? We’ve all been there and here’s the good news: it doesn’t mean you are lazy or a bad person! In this episode, Stephanie explores the why behind...

February 2, 2023

#429: Tame Your Digital Chaos, with Paul Unger

Do you feel overwhelmed in your day-to-day as you try to get everything done? Guess what? You’re not alone. Paul Unger, speaker, author, and owner at Affinity Consulting, joins Stephanie and offers...

March 2, 2020

ABA TECHSHOW 2020: Apps Apps Everywhere–Tablet and Mobile Legal Practice

Brett Burney and Paul Unger share app tips for mobile legal practice.