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Patrick Huston

Patrick Huston

Brigadier General Patrick Huston is the Assistant Judge Advocate General for Military Law and Operations in the Pentagon. He oversees international legal engagements, criminal prosecutions, and government appeals for the Army. He also supervises the legal teams that provide advice on national security law, contracts, administrative law and criminal law.

He focuses on the legal and ethical development and use of artificial intelligence, autonomous weapons, cybersecurity and other emerging technologies.

Before pursuing a law degree, Gen. Huston served as an Army Ranger and helicopter pilot in Europe. Following law school, he became a military prosecutor in Korea. He has completed five combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Gen. Huston earned a degree in Engineering from West Point, a law degree from the University of Colorado, an LL.M in Criminal Law from the JAG School, and a Master’s of Strategy from the Army War College.

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