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Pamela Buchmeyer

Pamela Buchmeyer

Pamela Buchmeyer is a disaster reservist for the US Small Business Administration where she administers funds to victims of natural disasters. It’s a mix of banking, governmental compliance and social work plus a smidgen of practicing law. She graduated from UT Austin undergrad (Phi Beta Kappa) and then attended SMU Law School where she adored the clinic programs. In between hurricanes, floods, mudslides and other acts of destruction, She takes furloughs to write humorous murder mysteries (not yet published, but she’s hopeful).

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June 21, 2018

State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting 2018: Cultivating Humor in the Legal Profession

Pamela Buchmeyer joins us today to talk about the role of humor in the legal profession. as well as discussing her late father, Jerry Buchmeyer, and his column, which is now hers....