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Oscar Michelen

Oscar Michelen

Oscar Michelen attended New York Law School, graduating in 1985. He is a partner at Cuomo LLC, a litigation boutique with offices in Manhattan and Long Island, New York. He specializes in commercial litigation and intellectual property, two practice areas he started and grew after his large and extensive criminal defense practice dwindled to not so large and not so extensive. In 2015, along with Scott Limmer, he launched the podcast “Reboot Your Law Practice” which is geared to solo and small firms that are trying to figure out how to survive in the current legal marketplace. Mr. Michelen has also been admitted to practice in various states around the country for specific litigation matters as both trial counsel and as an expert witness on legal practice, digital media and the Internet. He served for eight years as an adjunct professor of law at New York Law School, where he taught Legal Writing and Appellate Advocacy.

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November 1, 2016

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Attorneys Oscar Michelen and Scott Limmer talk about their podcast and how creating a podcast can improve your marketing and social media presence.