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Omar Hernández

Omar Hernández

Since 2011, Omar Hernández has served as the Senior Judge at the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA), where he is responsible for the Division of Dispute Resolution. Prior to his role as Senior Judge, he served as an Administrative Judge at the DIA for over 8 years, where he was the first Hispanic-American nominated to that position. Senior Judge Hernández has played an integral role in launching the Opioid Alternative Treatment Pathway (OATP) at the DIA, a two-year pilot program that equips attorneys, judges and injured workers with quicker access to medical experts in order to make treatment decisions involving work-related injuries. Before joining the DIA, Senior Judge Hernández was Deputy General Counsel for the Massachusetts Human Resources Division. He has been practicing workers’ compensation law in the Greater Boston Area since 1990 and is a founding board member for Kids’ Chance of Massachusetts, an organization that supports children whose lives have been impacted by their parent’s work-related injury. He has been a featured speaker at several national opioid conferences as well as New England area workers’ compensation insurance panels. Senior Judge Hernández earned his Juris Doctorate from Suffolk Law School and graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree from Cornell University. He currently resides in Chelmsford, MA with his family.

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June 28, 2018

Opioid Alternative Treatment Pathway

Omar Hernández explains the Opioid Alternative Treatment Pathway, which is a program that Massachusetts’ DIA launched, talks about how it works, and how it helps address the opioid epidemic.