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Noah Zandan

Noah Zandan

Noah Zandan is the CEO and co-founder of Quantified Communications and a pioneer in applying behavioral science to help people strengthen the way they communicate. His company works globally with leaders of corporations, government organizations, TED speakers, higher-ed institutions and nonprofits.

Noah has been appeared on the main stage at TED2016 speaking about how leaders talk, on NPR All Tech Considered, at SXSW on the Intelligent Future, and delivered a TED-Ed Lesson in the Playing with Language Series. His work has been featured in Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, Economist, Quartz, huffington Post, ABC News, London Telegraph, and Fortune. He is also a regular lecturer at Harvard Business School, STanford Graduate School of Business, and the Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

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Guest Appearances
June 13, 2019

State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting 2019: The Science of Speaking with Noah Zandan

Noah Zandan discusses how his company uses advanced data analytics to help people better convey their ideas and messages.