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Natalie Anne Knowlton

Natalie Anne Knowlton

Natalie Anne Knowlton is the Founder of Access to Justice Ventures, which empowers entrepreneurs developing scalable solutions for legal consumers. She formerly served as a Consultant on Regulatory Innovation at IAALS, the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System, at the University of Denver. Before that, she was the Director of Special Projects, leading IAALS’ work in family justice and regulatory reform.

Natalie is committed to bringing empathy to the legal consumers’ experience and in pursuit of that goal employs legal and empirical research and analysis, facilitates collaboration among stakeholders, and engages in national outreach and advocacy. She has expertise in access to justice issues, legal regulatory innovation, B2C legal technology, self-represented litigation, and public trust and confidence in the courts. Natalie serves on the Justice Technology Association (JTA) Board of Advisors, was a judge for the American Legal Technology Awards (Access to Justice category), and is listed among the American Bar Association Legal Technology Resource Center’s 2022 Women of Legal Tech.

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