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Monica Levi

Monica Levi

Guest Monica Levi is a leadership coach for lawyers. Levi began her career as a corporate attorney and transitioned into HR leadership where she spent more than 20 years working with large international organizations including Google and Clifford Chance. She’s lived in five countries on three continents and brings a uniquely diverse, honest, and empathetic approach to coaching. 

Leadership skills are not something taught in schools, and they aren’t skills people simply figure out. As a professional in corporate America, Levi struggled with impostor syndrome and self doubt. She understands anxiety, being overwhelmed, working overtime, and sacrificing productivity. 

Through 20 years of trial and error, mistakes, studies, and training, Levi developed strategies for managing doubt, mastering productivity, and understanding core leadership skills. Her passion today is helping others excel. 

Levi earned her bachelor’s degree at Bowling Green State University, an executive MBA at the University of Oxford, and her J.D. at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. She also holds advanced coaching certifications through WBECS and the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.

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