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Michelle Cummings

Michelle Cummings

Michelle Cummings. Michelle received her AAS in paralegal studies in 1998 from an ABA-approved program. She has worked for several law firms ranging from a solo practitioner to large litigation firms in the following areas of law: family law, personal injury, criminal and products liability civil litigation. She completed her studies at the UW School of Law, earning her Limited License Legal Technician (LLLT) Program Certificate in December 2014, and passed the LLLT exam in the area of family law (domestic relations) in May 2015. Michelle was the first LLLT to be Licensed in Washington State. She was admitted to the limited practice of law pursuant to rule 28 of the Admission and Practice Rules in Washington by the Washington Supreme Court on June 25, 2015.

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May 6, 2016

The Limited License Legal Technicians Program

What is the LLLT program and what does this license provide to low income communities and the law firms that serve them.