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Michael Semanchik

Michael Semanchik

Michael Semanchik is the Executive Director of The Innocence Center (TIC), a formidable national legal institution dedicated to liberating the wrongfully incarcerated, fostering public awareness of wrongful convictions, and offering unwavering support to the exonerated. His career, marked by an indomitable commitment to justice, has seen him secure the freedom of eleven innocent individuals who collectively endured over 180 years of unjust imprisonment. Notably, he played a pivotal role in the exoneration of NFL icon Brian Banks, earning him the coveted title of Attorney of the Year from California Lawyer Magazine in 2013. Michael’s influence extends beyond courtrooms, as he has shared his wisdom at educational institutions and appeared frequently in the media. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Michael Semanchik embodies the relentless pursuit of justice.

Guest Appearances
February 22, 2019

Bonus Podcast: Exploring The Tragedy Of Wrongful Convictions At The Heart Of FOX’s ‘Proven Innocent.’

FOX's "Proven Innocent" creator David Elliot, California Innocence Project managing attorney Michael Semanchik, and real-life exoneree Jason Strong, talk about wrongful convictions and the inspiration behind the new show.