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Michael Iseri

Michael Iseri

I am a Tech Law and Disability Rights Attorney, Legal Accessibility Professional, Cyber Security Professional, Data Privacy, Software A.I. Programmer, Legal/Tech Program Manager, and Legal Leader. I create legal a.i. programs that are fully voiced in 37 languages and dynamically completes legal services.

I attended University of California, Berkeley for college and graduated summa cum laude in the Legal Studies program while publishing my thesis “The New Code War: A Discourse in the Legal Framework for State-to-State Cyber Attacks and Cyber Warfare” (that focused on Russia’s international cyber warfare initiatives in 2007 – 2009).

I then worked in computers and technology extensively with numerous computer certifications such as CompTIA Security+ (exam score: 874/900) for three years before attending law school. I published my story, “Gazing at an Ivory Gate – My Dream for a Legal Education” that detailed how I overcame the inability to speak from dyspraxia and how I survived being shot in the head in a high school shooting incident.

I graduated from University of California, Irvine School of Law and I am currently practicing law (Bar #307607) in the fields of Cyberlaw, Technology Law, and Disability Rights. I also programmed legal a.i.s for a hobby and am labeled by lots of people as the next “unicorn” based on my legal and programming skills.

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October 16, 2018

CLA Annual Meeting 2018: Securing Your Law Firm The Right Way

Michael Iseri talks about the change of cyber security and how law firms can be more safe with their data and client data.


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