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Michael Figgins

Michael Figgins

Michael Figgins received his B.A. from Arizona State University in 1977, and his J.D. from the School of Law at Gonzaga University in 1980. He spent 33 of his years in practice as an attorney providing legal services to the poor. He practiced as both a staff attorney and a managing attorney with Dakota Plains Legal Services in Mission, South Dakota, and then became the managing attorney for Community Legal Services in Yuma, Arizona. In 1989, Mr. Figgins was chosen as the Executive Director of Western Nebraska Legal Services.
In 1995, he was chosen as the Executive Director of Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA). In March, 2012, he was chosen as the Executive Director of Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma (LASO), and is responsible for developing staff, program and community resources to benefit LASO. Mr. Figgins is a member of the Florida Bar, the South Dakota Bar, the Arizona Bar, and the Nebraska Bar.

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October 15, 2018

Oklahoma Summit on A2J: The New Reality of Eviction and Homelessness

Eric Hallett, Richard Klinge, Dillon Turman, and Michael Figgins talk about access to justice in housing law.