Max Paterson

Max Paterson

Maximilian Paterson is the senior director of Education & Community Programs at Neota Logic. He previously worked at Canadian Heritage as an analyst and economist where he was responsible for developing policy on domestic and international intellectual property (IP) matters, and representing Canada in international fora including negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership and World Intellectual Property Organization. He has also worked as a corporate secretary for Startup Canada and an operations and purchasing assistant for Universal Music Group.

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Guest Appearances
March 1, 2018

Rights Now Wins at NYC’s Global Legal Hackathon

Max Paterson and Zeke Hughes talk about how they won the New York City chapter of the first Global Legal Hackathon with their app called Rights Now.

February 24, 2018

The Global Legal Hackathon Leaders from NYC

Leaders emerge early for New York City’s chapter of the first Global Legal Hackathon. What are they working on and how will it change the legal industry for the better?