Matthew Butterick

Matthew Butterick

Matthew Butterick received his degree in design and typography at Harvard University. He began my career as a font designer in Boston. At the beginning of the internet era, he started Atomic Vision, a website-design company in San Francisco. Later, Matthew attended UCLA law school and became a member of the California bar. In 2012, he received the Legal Writing Institute’s Golden Pen Award for Typography for Lawyers.

His other projects include Butterick’s Practical Typography, an online book, the fonts equity, concourse, triplicate, and advocate, and Pollen, software for publishing electronic books.

Guest Appearances
October 26, 2022

EP403 – Typography for Lawyers

Are you creating self-defeating typography by using underlines, caps, and fonts that make your argument less inviting to your reader? Author and attorney Matthew Butterick shares key points from his book Typography for...