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Mathew Shurka

Mathew Shurka

Mathew Shurka is the leading global advocate for ending conversion therapy. Driven to prevent others from being subjected to this ineffective practice, Mathew posted his personal story on Youtube in 2012. As a result, organizations nationwide sought Mathew’s support to protect LGBTQ youth. In conjunction with the #BornPerfect campaign Mathew’s work has passed legislation in fourteen US states, more than a dozen cities, including Washington DC, and introduced US federal legislation to prohibit the use of conversion therapy amongst minors.

Guest Appearances
January 29, 2019

ABA Midyear Meeting 2019: Conversion Therapy: Laws, Policy, Advocacy and Awareness in the United States and Beyond

Mathew Shurka, Alphonso David, and Jocelyn Samuels discuss the practice of conversion therapy and talk about their advocacy efforts and dedication to raising awareness about this issue.