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Mary Chartier

Mary Chartier

Mary’s advocacy skills are the result of years of experience litigating serious and complex criminal defense cases in federal and state courts around Michigan. Mary has successfully defended clients in numerous federal and state trials, including winning a full acquittal in a federal drug dealing and money laundering case where every other co-defendant entered a guilty plea and dozens of witnesses testified against the client. Mary also achieved “not guilty” verdicts in two recent cases – one involving an attempted murder and one involving multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct – in which no offers were made because the government believed their cases were so strong. Another recent victory came after a retrial for a man who had been wrongfully imprisoned for nine years for crimes he did not commit. The jury was only out for 19 minutes before returning their “not guilty” verdicts. Mary’s criminal defense experience is extensive. She has served as lead counsel in numerous cases. She has represented clients accused of white collar crimes, such as health care fraud, mortgage fraud, and money laundering, as well as clients accused of drug dealing, crimes against the United States, bank robbery, criminal sexual conduct, and homicide. She has litigated and won numerous motions, including recently obtaining a dismissal in a felony drug case in which the police illegally entered the client’s home. Mary has also had numerous appellate successes, including winning three cases at the Michigan Supreme Court in one year. She has successfully handled a number of medical marijuana cases throughout the state, and Mary created and taught the nation’s first marijuana law class at a law school.  She is a nationally recognized speaker having taught criminal defense, constitutional law, and evidence at conferences held in Cambridge, Orlando, Aspen, and Key West to name just a few.

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January 16, 2018

The Tomasik Exoneration Part 2

Takura Nyamfukudza, Mary Chartier, and Dennis and Kim Tomasik about the details of their wrongful imprisonment case.