LexLucid was created during the 2018 Global Legal Hackathon. The project attempts to solve one of the many challenges proposed by Gillian Hadfield, a leading proponent of reform in the legal industry. It’s an online community for attorneys to review consumer contracts, enabling consumers to make educated decisions and encouraging businesses to make their contracts fair.

The LexLucid team took first place at the local event in Denver, Colorado. Now they are competing in the second stage of the hackathon, with winners advancing to the third, and final round, in New York.

Team Members:

Otto Hanson is an attorney at Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP. You can find him on Twitter or LinkedIn

Nathan Benes is a Web Applications Developer at Lawgical. You can find him on LinkedIn

Carlos Gochez is a Web Developer for Lawgical. You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn

Chad Jolly is the Senior Software Developer for Legal Talk Network and its parent company, LAWgical. You can find him on Twitter

Jeremy Church is a Web Designer at Lawgical. You can find him on Twitter

Katherine Snow is an Associate Attorney at Sherman & Howard. You can find her on LinkedIn




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April 23, 2018

The Global Legal Hackathon Finalists: LexLucid and LemonAid

LexLucid and LemonAid discuss the process for their projects, the challenges they faced, and how they are making their ideas a reality.