Lee Swanson

Lee Swanson

Lee Swanson is the associate director of ABA Member Leisure Communities in Chicago. ABA Leisure Communities are focused on connecting all ABA members by providing an arena to share a common interest such as golf, wine, or travel. These leisure opportunities allow members to grow business relationships as well as strike a balance between work and play.

She works with a small team at the ABA and they are partnering with a variety of vendors to develop these communities. Each community will have a different business model and marketing strategy.

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February 17, 2015

ABA Midyear Meeting 2015: ABA Leisure

Legal Talk Network Hosts Jason Marsh and Adriana Linares interview Christine Gregorio, Kate Noble, Lee Swanson, and Larry Gil about ABA Leisure at the 2015 ABA Midyear Meeting. Together they discuss the...