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Lee Burgess

Lee Burgess

Lee Burgess graduated cum laude from the University of San Francisco School of Law in 2008. She was a TA for Contracts and Torts and the Managing Editor of the USF Law Review.

After graduating, Burgess worked in a large law firm until she received a letter from the California Board of Bar Examiners about being a bar exam grader. Rather than grade for the bar exam, Lee decided her real passion was helping students conquer the California bar exam. So she left her law firm job and became a private California bar exam tutor and law school tutor. Various Bay Area law schools recognized her teaching talent, and Lee has served as an adjunct member of the faculty at several local law schools.

Burgess founded and runs Amicus Tutoring, providing an individualized approach to law school test and bar prep and is a co-founder of Trebuchet Legal, Bar Exam Toolbox, and Law School Toolbox.

Guest Appearances
March 9, 2015

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