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Laura Mahr

Laura Mahr

Laura Mahr is a North Carolina and Oregon lawyer, and the founder of Conscious Legal Minds LLC, providing mindfulness-based wellness training, coaching, and consulting for lawyers and law offices nationwide. Laura’s cutting-edge work to build resilience to stress and burnout in the practice of law is informed by 13 years of practice as a civil sexual assault attorney, two decades of experience as an educator and professional trainer, 25 years as a student and teacher of mindfulness and yoga, and five years of studying neurobiology and neuropsychology with clinical pioneers. After bringing herself back from the brink of burnout with the tools she now teaches, Laura brings lived experience and compassion to thousands of lawyers and support staff each year in her writing and presentations for law firms, government organizations, Bar associations, law schools, and CLE providers. She authors the Pathways to Well-Being column in the NC State Bar Journal and the Mindful Moment column in the NC Lawyer Assistance Program publication, and is a frequent contributor to other legal publications.

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September 13, 2021

Supporting Resilience and Mental Health for Law Firm Employees

Laura Mahr shares insights on how to help lawyers and law firms recover from pandemic-related stress.