Laura Hartnett

Laura Hartnett

I’m Laura Hartnett. I work with lawyers who are frustrated with their legal practice and know there has to be a better way. They want to free up their time and streamline their work.

Your solutions are right there within reach. I teach you how to find them. I teach design thinking for lawyers. You design how you want to practice law. Yes, you can design it. And it gets better for you and your clients.

Better yet once you shift your perspective, you’ll begin to apply these tools everywhere. Any client, any issue. Simplify and enjoy how you practice law.

I’ve been on both sides as the lawyer and the client. I spent almost 15 years as a management consultant, litigation associate for national and international law firms, and in-house counsel for a Fortune 100 company.

I know first-hand the stressful side of lawyering – scores of long-form memos, endless revisions, and very little insight into the client’s point of view. It wasn’t until I became an in-house attorney working directly with clients each day that my practice shifted.

That’s when I learned about legal design, combined it with my management consulting background, and started using it in practice. I became the attorney that my colleagues would ask for help on how to make lawyering easier and more engaging.

I just wish I had these skills earlier.

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