Laney Lyons

Laney Lyons

In the late nineties, Laney began working with entrepreneurs who wanted to create profitable businesses, build teams of great employees and be fulfilled by doing work that made a difference. She has learned how to build a team that can effectively support an entrepreneurial boss in a way that creates profit, establishes effective workflows and keeps everyone growing forward and passionate about their work. Laney has consulted with law firms across the country on creating systems and building teams of proactive employees, and has led national team coaching programs that support employees in becoming intrapreneurs.

Laney has started three successful businesses, all dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, particularly those in the personal services industries, including her cutting-edge company dedicated to creating, training, and supporting intrapreneurs in an entrepreneur’s world.

In 2011, Laney co-authored “Don’t Be a Yes Chick: How to Stop Babysitting Your Boss, Transform Your Job and Work with a Dream Team without Losing Your Spirit or Sanity in the Process,” which hit #1 on Amazon’s Movers and Shakers list. Laney has also co-authored a book published by Simon & Schuster and is actively working on her next book.

Laney’s Unique Ability™ is explaining things in a way that is easy to understand and creates excitement and confidence in one’s ability to take action in easy, bite-sized pieces. This is evident in her daily work, which leads people to move forward, often in the face of fear and uncertainty, toward their personal and professional goals.

Laney lives in Austin, Texas with her son, Maximus and two dogs, Piggy and Marley. In Austin she is passionate about promoting dignity to our homeless brothers and sisters in need through Community First Village. She also travels periodically to Cambodia, Ghana and Peru where she volunteers in an orphanage and monastery to help children create the possibility of a better future.