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Kristin Rizzo

Kristin Rizzo

Kristin Rizzo is a mediator and workplace investigator at Rizzo Resolution. She is passionate about helping people and companies achieve the solutions and answers they seek. Having helped many people and companies in workplace disputes Kristin supports the goal of others seeking to do better when facing workplace conflict.

A San Diego native, Kristin is a second-generation lawyer. At Higgs, Fletcher, and Mack – a well-respected San Diego law firm – Kristin worked on civil and employment law matters. She then opened her own law practice where she represented employees and companies in a wide range of employment matters.

Kristin has a long history of leadership in the San Diego community; she is passionate and skilled in the area of consensus building. As a past President of the San Diego County Bar Association, Kristin successfully led a Board of 19 and a membership approaching 10,000 attorneys. Building consensus on a host of topics with a diversity of opinions, Kristin recognizes that calm, knowledgeable and collaborative leadership can instill stakeholders with confidence that the correct solution has been reached.

Kristin has successfully helped numerous people resolve employment issues and disputes through mediation and workplace investigations.

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November 12, 2019

Shifting to Neutral: Kristin Rizzo’s Journey From Litigation to Mediation

Kristin Rizzo describes her journey from a large law firm to solo practice to mediation.