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Kirsten Castañeda

Kirsten Castañeda

Kirsten Castañeda is an attorney with Alexander Dobose Jefferson LLC. After serving as a briefing attorney at the Dallas Court of Appeals, Kirsten began her career as a trial lawyer. That experience in courtrooms and war rooms taught her the important balance between building a record for appeal and working toward victory in the trial court. When Kirsten joins trial lawyers in the trenches as an appellate attorney, she’s there to win.

Kirsten’s work has helped shape the law in several key areas, including the standards for class certification and decertification throughout the life of a class action; the scope of statutory, contractual, and equitable duties applicable to oil and gas lessors, lessees, and operators; the impact of threshold statutory mandates, expert testimony standards, and causation requirements on healthcare liability claims; the proper boundaries for federal preemption of state tort and contract claims; and the reach of various provisions of the Texas Constitution. 

Kirsten is Board Certified in Civil Appellate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and listed in Best Lawyers in America for Appellate Practice and Commercial Litigation since 2020. In addition to her role as ADJ’s Chief Diversity Officer, she serves on the State Bar Court Rules and Pattern Jury Charge-Oversight Committees, is Secretary of the State Bar Appellate Section and co-chair of its Diversity Committee, and is Chair of the Dallas Bar Association Appellate Section. She is asked regularly by local, state, and national bar associations to write and speak on state and federal appellate issues.


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