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Kirsten Albers-Fiedler

Kirsten Albers-Fiedler

Kirsten Albers-Fiedler works as a Law Associate/Legal Engineer for OpenLaw, a blockchain-based protocol for the creation and execution of legal agreements. OpenLaw has comprehensively stitched together legal agreements with blockchain-based smart contracts, giving parties increased efficiencies and reduced risks, driving down costs, and broadening access to legal services.

Kirsten views technology as a powerful tool to expand access to law and is looking forward to a future in which legal services will be accessible to everyone who is in need of legal assistance. She is a licensed attorney and holds degrees from Duke University School of Law, The George Washington University Law School, and Georgetown University.

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Guest Appearances
August 29, 2018

GLBC Annual Meeting 2018: Real World Applications of Blockchain Technology

Andrea Tinianow, Kirsten Albers-Fiedler, and Christen Bartelt talk about how blockchain technology solves problems in the real world.


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